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Literary Voice (2016)

A Bi-Annual Peer-Reviewed Journal

Going Native in Kamala Markandaya's Novels /5
Debarati Gosh

Amita Kanekar's A Spoke in the Wheel: /12
A Study of Materialisation of Devadasi Tradition &
Cultural Objects
Smriti Thakur & Dr Alpna Saini

The White Tiger: /23
The Subaltern's Journey from Periphery to Centre
Dr Harpreet Singh

Cultural Reality in Amitav Ghosh's/33
The Calcutta Chromosome
Dr Ratnakar D. Bhelkar

Inner and Outer Conflicts: A Study of Mahesh Dattani's /41
On A Muggy Night in Mumbai
Dr Ashoo Toor

Probing Human Greed in Bhabani Bhattacharya's /50
So Many Hungers!
Dr Kiran Arora

Religion and Secularism in Rohinton Mistry's / 55
Family Matters
Dr K.R.Joshi & Manmeet Kaur

The Sisters of the Spinning Wheel: Puran Singh's/67
First Voyage in Indian English Poetry
Sushmindarjeet Kaur

The Nebulous Identity of Vikram in/77
The In-Between World of Vikram Lall
Prabhleen Toor

Feministic Undertones in Rabindranath Tagore's/86
Punishment, Vision and Garibala
Neerja Vyas & Dr Sushila Shekhawat

Hunting as Political Allegory: /94
A Study of Utpal Dutt's Hunting the Sun
Naren Mondal

Being Tibetan: /102
Nostalgia vs. Reality
Shruti Sharma

Book Review

Dhillon, S M. My Slaved Country: /109
A Tale of A Blind Girl. Canada:
Art Bookbindery (2013) pp. 213.
Sumedha Bhandari

The Poetry Column

Misgivings in Love/112
Geeta Bhandari