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Literary Voice, U.G.C Approved Peer-Reviewed Journal of English Studies (ISSN 2277-4521), is published regularly with special focus on Indian English literature, besides all brands of literature written/being written in English all over the globe. It aims to promote healthy, constructive, critical and interpretative writing on literary issues and trends, and provides adequate space for the quality research being pursued by the budding researchers and emerging new voices in the genres of poetry and fiction..

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Dr T.S. Anand
Literary Voice

Books Authored and Edited by T.S Anand

The Man and the Masks

T. S. Anand
Calcutta: Writers Workshop 1988
Rs. 40

Saul Bellow: The Feminine Mystique

T. S. Anand
Jalandhar:ABS Publications 1993
ISBN 81 7072 0451.
Rs. 175

Literature of Indian Diaspora

T. S. Anand (Ed.)
New Delhi: Creative Books 2010
ISBN 81-8043- 077-4.
Rs. 500

Fresh Insights into Contemporary American Literature

T.S. Anand, Gulshan Rai Kataria (Eds.)
New Delhi: Creative Books 2005
ISBN 81-8043-021-9.
Rs. 550

Contemporary American-Jewish Novel

T. S. Anand (Ed.)
Jalandhar:ABS Publications 1994
ISBN 81-7072- 058-3

The American Literary Mosaic

T.S. Anand, Somdatta Mandal (Eds.)
Wisdom House Publications Ltd. 2003 ISBN 1-84290- 007-2.
Rs. 200

Modern American Literature

A.A. Mutalik-Desai, T.S. Anand (Eds.)
New Delhi: Creative Books 2002
ISBN 81-86318- 94-1.
Rs. 400

Perspectives on Legends of American Theatre

Nibhir K Ghosh, T.S. Anand, A. Karunaker (Eds.)
New Delhi: Creative Books 2009
ISBN 81-8043- 070-7.
Rs. 600

Critical Essays on the American Novel

T.S. Anand (Ed.)
Jalandhar: ABS Publications 1994
ISBN 81-7072- 065-6.
Rs. 450

Perspectives on the Afro-American Novel

T.S. Anand (Ed.)
Jalandhar: ABS Publications 1994
ISBN 81-7072- 064-8.
Rs. 275

Indian Response to American Literature

T. S. Anand (Ed.)
NNew Delhi: Creative Books 2003
ISBN 81-8043- 000-6.
Rs. 400

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Trends in Indian English Literature

T. S. Anand, Shalini Gupta (Eds.)
New Delhi: Creative Books 2008
ISBN 81-8043- 049-9.
Rs. 450

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Modern Indian English Fiction

T.S. Anand, L.S.Bedi, Hargunjot Kaur (Eds.)
New Delhi: Creative Books 2005
ISBN 81-86318- 97-6.
Rs. 400

Humanism in Indian English Fiction

T. S. Anand, L. S. Bedi,Sushmindarjit Kaur, Hargunjot Kaur (Eds.)
New Delhi: Creative Books 2002
ISBN 81-8043- 029-4.
Rs. 500

Images of Woman in Fiction

T. S.Anand, Harsimranpreet Sidhu (Eds.)
New Delhi: Creative Books 2003
IISBN 81-8043- 003-0.
Rs. 500

The Harmonies: Anthology of Stories

T. S. Anand & Avtar S. Sangha
Ludhiana: Central Publishers 1987

Vithan di Paed (Poems in Panjabi)

T.S. Anand
Patiala: Pritam Publishing House 1988
Rs. 50

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